Media Monday 30: Structure Your Day, KStar, Healthy Fats

Alright! I am now officially embarrassed, 2 weeks no post, no excuses really except some quality down-time with family, friends and 25-30 degree weather in Montreal.

Things are ramping up quickly, finalizing a few things this week and then everything should be up and running in full force starting next week. So excited about being back!!!

Let’s get down to the real reason you guys are here…



Chad Howse hit’s this one right on the head with his interpretation on how to increase productivity throughout the day by eating a little better and making exercise a part of your day.



This is no doubt my favorite section of Media Mondays, this podcast with a legend in the making Kelly Starrett is loaded with great information on everything from training, assessments and mobility.



I have been preaching the benefits of ingesting quality dietary fats for years. In this article you can see just how important it is to get a balance of the right fats through your diet.

That’s it another Media Monday in the books,



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