Remember You Will Die

Morbid? Maybe….

Too many people fall prey to thinking that “there’s always tomorrow”. In reality action today is the real catalyst to achieving a life worth living, so if this simple reminder is enough to change your perception of how much time we really have, that is all that matters.

Translated the Latin phrase “Memento Mori” roughly means “remember you will die”.


               The day of my wedding a little over 2 years ago. Time flew by!

Craig Weller of Scrawny To Brawny wrote about a beautifully simplistic chart where you create a table 52 cells wide(weeks in a year) by 80 cells long(potential years of your life) that illustrates how much of your life you have lived to this point. Each cell is unique, it represents a week in your life, at the end of each week you fill in one more cell and reflect upon what you have accomplished. Did you do all that you set out to do? Are you happy with how that week turned out? If you answered no, then what could you change today that would ensure that didn’t happen next week.


This is what most people will struggle with, learning from the moment, and then changing the things necessary to make the outcome different next week. I am not going to lie, change is hard, it is a constant struggle, but I am hoping with a little reminder such as this one you realize just how little time we actually have.

So take 5 minutes today, fill in a “Memento Mori Chart” up until this past week of your life, and see just how powerful this can be.

Reflection bring about awareness… and for some, the willing, this will lead to change.


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