Start Leaving Stuff Out!


The beauty of the instant information era is that we have so much at our disposal. With the click of the mouse and a few words typed into a google search you can find the answer to any random question you may have been looking for.

But the less talked about side of that equation is we can become so overwhelmed with this abundance of information that we don’t know where to start: paralysis by analysis!

The fitness industry is no different, in fact, It may be worse! Being such a new profession, with information, research, and practical experience changing the game constantly it can be hard to stay up to date. My job is to sift through said information and simplify all that is available down to the nuts and bolts, making it easier for me to educate people on the most efficient way to reach their goals.

what is interesting to me is that the most important part isn’t what we include but rather what we decide to leave out!

Here are some simple ways to reflect on and figure out wether or not the information you have just read is right for you.


1. Does it fit in my lifestyle?

No matter what fad might be going around if it doesn’t work into your lifestyle it just isn’t a match for you. Bulletproof Coffee, Carb Backloading, Crossfit, If you can’t stick to the plan because of other priorities it just won’t benefit you…leave it out and find something that works.

2. Is it appropriate for my goals?

This may seem like a no brainer but you would be surprised how many people make mistakes on the application part of the process. This may be happening to you if; you are looking to gain some weight but are fasting 18 hours of the day. You want to become stronger but aren’t following a program specifically designed for that purpose. You are playing a sport that relies on specifics skills and energy systems and are totally neglecting that part of your planning in your program design.

3. Has anyone had results?

This may be the only question you have to ask yourself to figure out wether or not the information you are looking at has any real weight behind it; Has anyone else with similar goals and a similar lifestyle gotten the results you are after. If the only person making gains with said program is a 15 year old boy, who’s mom cooks all of his meals, and plays video games 6 hours a day is getting results then it may not be the right fit.

Trial and error and sticking with it…

Once you have found a way to eat, train, and a lifestyle piece that creates a sustainable plan that works for you…ignore the rest. Stop searching for the holy grail, it does not exist, make changes only when progress stops, and reap the benefits of the simplicity you have created for yourself.



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