Media Monday 29: Success, Fast or Slow Reps,Veggies

Got a minute?

Yeah me too, rushing around meeting up with people and getting ready for a trip to Montreal for a wedding this weekend.

Let’s get right into it, this might be a quick intro but don’t be fooled the content is still awesome!



The Man Himself!

Young or old, it’s never too early or too late to make your mark on this world! Start today and anything becomes possible….



Chad Waterbury always has some good training insight. The speed at which specific movements are performed can be somewhat a controversial topic, some say it doesn’t matter and others base their whole training philosophy on it.



With summer coming, and tons of BBQ’s this recipe from Neghar Fonooni could become an instant classic!

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Media Monday 28: Alpha Male, Energy Systems, Red Meat

Long weekend of travel, some serious jet lag, 20cm of snow, a 4:30am wake up this morning you would think I would be in a pretty sour state! The reality is I am so happy to be home, hang out with my wife, friends and super dog Indy, nothing could bother me right now!

I have a ton of stuff to catch up on, a bunch of people to grab coffee with, and a pretty busy schedule for someone who is back to being “self-employed”, lots of exciting things to come. I wanted to share with you some great articles this week, some new faces on here as well.

Let’s get after it!



John Roman(iello) and Adam Bornstein took it upon themselves to write a new book called Man 2.0 Engineering The Alpha, a deeper look into the man’s psyche, physique, and living life like a BOSS! Roman’s Blog is always filled with interesting topics ranging from fat loss and nutrition  to lifestyle, his writing style keeps people engaged and interested which is a good break from some of the more “sciency” blog posts on other sites.



Conditioning: You’re Doing It Wrong

Molly Galbraith take a deeper look into energy system training, some common misconceptions and how we can improve upon our program design. Keep checking back in to see her follow up articles with sample progressions on the JTS website.




                     Not bad for 58 years old!

Mark Scisson’s from Marks Daily Apple an authority on everything primal, talks about red meat-something which I am very fond of, and what may be happening as we ingest large chunks of the fleshy parts of animals. Interesting indeed!

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What 10 Months in Russia Teaches You…Not What You Think!


                                                 How I am Feeling Right Now!

Sitting at my kitchen table one last time, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past ten months I have spent in the “Mother Land”, the things that I have learnt, and the things that I will be taking with me moving forward.

When I accepted this position, I had immediate visions of scenes from Rocky 4, Ivan Drago look-a-likes hooked up to scientific looking machines extrapolating data points along the force-velocity curve all while yelling out to Rocky “I must break you!”

On my very first day as excited as I could be, I walked into the weight room-Yikes! Limited would an understatement, it was something that many high schools in North America would be looking into “improving” in the up coming year. A couple squat rack, a couple benches, mix and match dumbbells that were mainly broken, no testing equipment at all and 30 or so Jane Fonda’s Thigh Master(no Joke!). A mistake surely…this must be the junior teams facilities…Nope, after some quick inquiries I was at the right place. Not someone to accept defeat I decided to think along the lines of what could be done, not what could not de done.

The players would be joining us in a few days, testing would start and we would have to make the best of what we had at out disposal-little did I know that this would be a re-occuring theme throughout the year.


First and foremost I had to learn to be patient, let me say that this is a great skill to have in life. Prior to this experience it was something that I had struggled with but  being here gave me a lot of time and exposure to practice-it improved dramatically. For the most part I like to get after things, I enjoy pushing the pace HARD! What I have found with being patient is that you gain a little clearer picture of what is happening. Making it a definitive advantage when forced to make decisions and controlling your thoughts and actions. 

Not one day was the same, not one minute did things go as planned, this alone left me extremely frustrated at times. As I learnt to be patient, calm down, breathe a little, I was able to make “better” decisions in unfavourable circumstances, again a great new skill.


As you can tell from the previous paragraph there were some especially though times. Often we would land in a new city, unknown facilities, 30 or so players, and within 5-10 minutes of arriving I would need to “train” the whole team…but wait, you have 2 broken barbells, 95 pounds of weights, and only 15 minutes to get it done…”You can make them stronger right? I feel that our last game we were loosing to many battles in the corner and I don’t want that to happen tomorrow night.”….3-2-1 go!

So after a long explanation of the training process and how the body adapts to certain stimulus, I too had to adapt to the new situations. Honestly, I can tell you that it is never perfect and until you are in this situation you have no idea how “imperfect” it really is.

With all that being said, I learnt a tremendous amount. I am confident that with just “two twigs and a rope” I can now make fire. No matter where I am, whom I am with, what their needs are I can provide them with results…it may not be perfect, but we will get it done, and done right!


This is not something I learnt while in Russia but something that I realized was and always will be important to me. While I was learning about the demands of my new job, the travel schedule, the different cultural expectations and everything that surrounded my daily actions I wanted to be sure that I would always have integrity with my words. If I said I would do something I would do it. If I was going to train on a certain day I would do it even if it meant getting up at 4 a.m because we were flying out that day. Why? Because that is a important part of who I am, it is something that makes me…well me. Crazy maybe, but If thats the case I am O.K with that! 

Wrapping it up Russia Style

Although it was not at all what I had expected, I will always be grateful for my time here. The choice to come although difficult to make, will benefit me for a long time to come.

That’s a wrap!





Media Monday 27: Harsh Reasons, De-stress, Hormones

It never seems to surprise me how quickly the weeks seem to fly by. You really have to have a plan and be on top of your s*%^ if you want to accomplish everything that you set out each week.

With only 11 days left in Russia(but who’s counting right!), we still have a lot to do. We will be testing this Thursday to give us some base line numbers for summer camp, ensuring proper training during the off-season.

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend with the family, had some downtime, enjoyed some food, laughs, and got caught up on some good quality nap time.

Alright let’s get to it!



Great post by some guy named Joel on Addicted 2 Success, I am going to guess he is the owner/editor of the website because he creates a large majority of the content. This week he takes a more direct line with making us understand why we are not as successful as we may want to be. I say, start by WORKING HARDER!



This is a hybrid type piece, somewhat to do with training and restoration, and a little to do with lifestyle balance. Either way it’s loaded with some awesome golden nuggets so dig through it and pull some out, well worth the read.



Another super informative write up from Precision Nutrition’s Ryan Andrews. The content that these guys come up with weekly is unbelievable! Great Stuff!


Just because I thought this was awesome!

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A Look Into My Training Schedule

Over the course of the year a lot of people ask me about my own training. Do I do the same things that they do? How often do I train? Am I as hard on myself as I am on them(if only they knew how hard I am on myself!).

This year has been great for acquiring new knowledge and learning the proper application of said knowledge. I really feel that this is a point in my life that I will look back and appreciate the choices I made through out this year, the new places it has brought me, and the new places it will lead me. 

Blah, blah, blah, right, enough of that…back on track…training.

A Little Background


Once upon a time I was a football player(I feel like I am confessing to something), I played as a young kid through to University totalling some where between 17-18 seasons. Every fall I tied up my laces and competed week in and week out, never missing a game, never missing a practice, never missing a training session.

After I finished football I focused all of my time on my training, not really knowing what was next, but knowing that I like to lift heavy objects, sweat, and see how far I could take things. I read, I trained, I messed up…trial and error I told myself. I did something new, I trained, I messed up…Oh ok, now I got it. I did the same thing as step one, I trained, I messed up and the cycle continued.

Through out this trial and error I began to train people, got my feet wet so to speak, I dove right in. I wanted to do everything possible to get my clients results, to gain their trust, I stayed up late, read some more, worked hard! Along the way I lost sight, It was almost like I was in a time warp, days turned into months, which turned into years. I lost sight of something that was important to me, something that made me who I was, the WHY of many training programs, competing!

Competing is an outlet for an athlete, a measuring stick, a sign that the time spent in the gym is worth the effort. It signifies the culmination of all the hard work, the celebration after the competition, meeting of new people, new memories and the beginning of a new training cycle.

The problem I was having was that I no longer had a team, with a lot of new found responsibilities, a business, training, payments, wife, etc… I would need to compete in a sport that required only one person, me, and I didn’t know how, it was/is out of my comfort zone.


         Still having fun even with all those responsibilities! And yes that’s my wife!


The Plan

It is a strong belief of mine that everyone should have a plan when it comes to their training, from elite athlete, to general fitness, and even health. Now the plan may get derailed at times, things might change on a moments notice and we must adapt to the circumstances, but THE PLAN is there to help guide us along the way and reel us back in on occasion when needed. As Dan John always says, “if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there”.

My Schedule

I still fancy myself an athlete, and like to train like one. Right now I am currently training 5 sessions a week, 3 are CP dominant, and 2 others are Aerobic/HRI Intervals (Alactic Power). In the next week I will be upping the number of training sessions to 7 sessions over the course of 5 days as I respond better when I have a few days off in a row. Over the course of the month they will range from CP, Aerobic Development, Aerobic Power, HRI, and a few Anaerobic Threshold sessions.

Why you ask? I am hoping not to travel as much this year so that I can play some flag football, maybe a little  in Montreal on occasion in a friends league or at home in Calgary.


                    “Best of the worst that weekend!”

Then after the season the plan is to compete in a couple local competitions(to be named at a later date) and travel to a event/competition with my wife as a vacation/adventure later in the year.

Here is a sample from this past week, without giving out all the details:


Main Focus-Squat Development+ABS/Low back

(Rotating between: Wk.1-Heavy, Wk.2-Speed, Wk.3-Reps)


Aerobic Development+HRI(8-12 sec work:60 Recovery x 15-20)


Main Focus:

Some Olympic Lifting Skill Work+Upper Body Press/Pull


Main Focus:

Some Heavier Oly Work+Lower Body Bend+ABS/Low back


Aerobic Development+HRI(8-12 sec work:60 Recovery x 12-15)



New Beginnings

This was meant to be a short blog post about my training schedule, but the more I wrote the more I felt I want to share, kind of funny how that happens. This really does feel like a new start, being away helps clear your mind and refocus on new goals….to new beginnings!

If you have any questions about any of the information above feel free to leave a comment below.


Media Monday 26: GoDaddy, Crossfit, Ted-Like Talks!

It is unbelievable how the weeks just seem to fly by. Like I said last week, I am back in Russia for a mini-camp, things could not be going any better. The players are working hard, some are preparing for their respective national teams, young players proving they belong amongst the professional ranks, and veterans putting in the first efforts of the off-season. Great time of year!

I have 3 awesome reads this week, might be amongst the best one yet. You have the CEO of GoDaddy laying down the law on his rule to success, a great article that is a rebuttal to another Crossfit article, and finally a group of great coaches presenting about their areas of expertise, amazing!

Alright, let’s get to it!



Bob Parson of GoDaddy shares his 16 rules of success. Get to work applying them and see things change for you in a positive way!



Everyone knows that Crossfit is gaining momentum as a fitness sport and training approach. Tom Seryak’s article “Where Crossfit Fails: Training vs. Testing” could not be more to the point, his insight and reference to other sports practice is well articulated making a very valid point. Safety first!



Not all the videos are related to nutrition but this is one of my favourite posts of all time, a must view! The coolest part is one of my colleagues, mentors, and friend, Andy O’Brien is presenting his views on Program Design.

There you have it, another week of great reads, enjoy!


Media Monday 25: Family, Five Pillars, Genes

Don’t know if 25 Media Mondays constitutes a milestone but thought it was worth mentioning.

I am writing this blog post literally minutes after arriving back in Yaroslavl for my final few weeks of my 10 months here. I was fortunate enough to go to Montreal and hang out with family, friends, and my lovely wife for the last 2 weeks, a much needed and deserved break.

I am excited to get back in the swing of things, but it is bitter sweet, I have 3 or at most 4 weeks left with the team here in Yaroslavl before coming home. I have decided not to renew my contract, I will be pursuing other adventures, some that are familiar, and some that will be new….So excited!

On a side note I was featured on one of the most influential strength coaches in the biz, Tony Gentilcore’s blog…Big time honour for me!

Alright, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of the post.



Sometimes the hardest part of making a lifestyle change is having the support of your loved ones, Leo Babauta writes an excellent article about how you can get your family on board and make the change a lasting habit.



Long time friend Jeff Aker hits the nail on the head with this one, a must read for every fitness professional!



Ryan Andrews from Precision Nutrition provides us with an in depth look into genetic testing and nutrition, some interesting stuff!

That’s it for this week edition of Media Monday, keep checking in!